Controls Go Brrr... is my entry for the GMTK 2020 game jam. Its a simple game where you have to collect 5 mushrooms to unlock the portal and reach it to win the game. However whenever you collide with any of the running animals, your controls are updated to a new scheme. You can strategies this in a way that you hit the other type of animal and get back to original control scheme. The game also has a split screen mode for local multiplayer as well, which is the recommended play mode.

I have used Unity engine to develop this and I have open sourced the game code. You can find the source code here.


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Wow that was super fun! Once you get accustomed to your new control scheme though, it is almost as easy to navigate as regular wasd, and halfway through the game, I understood pretty much how to avoid every enemy on the map. Maybe if you wanted to work more on this, have it so that the number of enemies increase by 25% everytime you collect a mushroom for added difficulty. But other than that small gripe, it was pretty awesome! The maze at the end was also a nice touch, for you to truly understand your final controls before finishing.

Hey thanks for the feedback.
Great that you love the concept. :)

I had a lot of ideas in my head for the difficulty including making more levels, but I have learned this the hard way that crunching on the last few hours of JAM always ends up resulting in more bugs than features, so I decided to stop this when it overall felt a good experience. I am planning to take this into a full game sooner or later and your idea for enemies is great. I will surely work on that. Thanks. :)

Great game, but if i get hit i can just keep getting hit so i go back to wasd

Yes you can, or you can hit the other type of animal. One updates your controls clockwise, the other anti-clockwise so if your are hit once, you can eventually get back to normal. However if your are playing the split screen local multiplayer mode it is a race between the two players, so time is of the essence then. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game. :)